Monday, August 16, 2010

Mexicana Airlines - No Hay Vuelos

When I fly back to Canada for trips home, I usually fly Mexicana. There's a direct flight Mexico City to Montreal at a good price - under $600. Not any longer it seems.

Mexicana started scaling back its international operations as it seeks bankruptcy protection.

From the Vancouver Sun...

Ailing Mexican airline Mexicana on Monday suspended a string of international flights after last week seeking bankruptcy protection in Mexican and U.S. courts, a company statement said.

At least 15 international flights would be affected, including between Mexico and Vancouver, Montreal, London, Madrid and cities in the United States and Latin America, the statement said.

Mexicana, one of Mexico's biggest airlines, blamed its financial woes on the high cost of labour, after failing to reach a deal with unions on major cost-cutting.

The 89-year-old airline said in a statement Sunday that it would gradually reduce operations after its financial situation had seriously deteriorated. It said it would give priority to passengers returning from summer vacations and would release information on its website, mexicana. com, and on Twitter.

Grr...just as I was about to buy tickets to go home for Christmas. There isn't another airline or route that comes close in price or flies directly to Montreal. Not only that, but Mexicana is the last civilized airline out there - one that doesn't kick you in the teeth for carrying more than a tote bag. An airline that serves reasonably edible food, without charging you extra for it. An airline that send the drink cart down the aisle with complimentary drinks including alcohol.

Hopefully it will get sorted out soon, but I fear that the last great airline will not be the same creature when it comes out from Chapter 11.


  1. I'm more than a bit chessed. I've been looking for flights back to the UK for months and not only were Mexicana the cheapest option, but they also flew direct DF to London Gatwick. Hopefully they pull through.

  2. Looks like December would the earliest Mexicana could return to the air. Nuts.