Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mexico and Canada - A Comparison

Thanks to The Mexile for this find, who compared Mexico to his native United Kingdom (fact: you are 400 times more likely to drink tea in the UK!). While Mr. Denness is just about to leave Mexico to return home after about 6 years in Mexico and is understandably looking into his options, I'm staying put.

But, it might be fun to see what differences there are, using If It Were My Home...a nifty website that compares any two countries, presumably by using widely available statistics.

So let's see how the old country stacks up against Mexico.

The Results

I would:

Use 9.8 times more electricity living in Canada. and pay a lot more for it too! Win for Mexico.

consume 4.2 times more oil in Canada.. I don't drink oil. I also don't have or need a car. Win for Mexico.

spend 4.7 times more money on health care in Canada. Eh? What about universal health care? I guess it's not free. Win for Mexico.

make 2.8 times more money in Canada. Actually, it's probably much higher than 2.8 Win for Canada.

have 72.03% less chance of dying in infancy in Canada. Since I'd already been born before this survey, I'll call this one a draw.

have 51.79% more chance of being unemployed in Canada. Ouch. So I guess I wouldn't be earning 2.8 times more money being unemployed now would I? Win for Mexico regardless.

have 46.8% less babies in Canada. I have one child now, born in Mexico. I'm not sure how I would explain things to folks in Canada if I'd had 53.2% of one baby there. Let's call this sill category a draw.

experience 33.4% less of a class divide in Canada. Wonderful, I'd have to mingle with the great unwashed. A win for Canada, badly needed at this point.

live 5.03 years longer in Canada. I should hope so paying so much for health care! Win for Canada.

have 11.99% more free time in Canada. Not sure I believe this one. Christmas season alone in Mexico would seem to scotch this stat. We'll give it to Canada pending an appeal.

be 33.33% more likely to have HIV/AIDS in Canada. Whoa! Another dubious stat. Win for Mexico.

Final score Mexico 5 Canada 4


  1. Heh! They are some interesting stats, although I'm pretty dubious about some of them. I'm not entirely sure I trust Mexican officials in particular - I've seen the stats they produce for road deaths. Turns out they only count bodies on intercity highways....

    You could use this as a TEFL course recruiting tool though....Mexico v China, or Thailand etc etc. Mexico would trounce them all, I'm sure.

    (If not, just make up some new stats...!)

  2. By the by, don't know if ever I mentioned it, but you really should install Disqus on your blog. It's a much, much better commenting system. And dead simple to get going. For a start it has a White List, so trusted commenters comments get auto approved!