Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reyes Magos - First Time for Stella

Stella got her first visit from los Reyes Magos in Mexico City this year, after we decided to start observing the tradition, alongside Santa. Los Reyes visit Mexican kids on the evening of January 5th. Some kids write a not to the Three Kings and leave it in their shoe. Other kids tie the note to a helium filled balloon and launch it into the sky so that it reaches the home of the Three Kings, behind the stars.

We decided to try the balloon method.

The tears dried up when we found out the three kings answered our letter super quick!


  1. That's some pretty neat video quality there! Next year I suggest two balloons. One for those Magic Kings fellows and one for Stella!!


  2. Hard to get good video at twilight, but it would have been worse at night. Not a bad little camera though.

  3. Low light is tough for any camera. But your cam did great indoors.

    You need to widen your blog template now though..!